Grout and Mortar Remover, Size:65mm(2-9/16")

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Article NO. M0010049
Grout and Mortar Remover, Size:65mm(2-9/16")

Routing grout, rasping away mortar or tile adhesive, joints out, tiles off –all with one accessory, very long lifetime


The carbide-coated tip (sanding/rasping finger) also enables grout and mortar to be removed cleanly right into corners.

The grout and mortar remover combines a segment blade with a delta blade in its drop-shape design.

As a result, the grout and mortar remover can be used both to rout the grout out from around a damaged tile and also to rasp away the mortar or tile adhesive without having to change the accessory.

This enables a new tile to be changed after tiling without any problems.

The grout and mortar remover also excels in use due to its particularly long lifetime.


• Routing joints on wall and floor tiles

• Removing mortar or tile adhesive (e.g. when replacing damaged tiles)

• Removing joints in the smallest of corners with the tungsten carbide tip (sanding and rasping finger)